Cout Loot

We're a pack of young entrepreneurs creating the next wave of fashion consumption in India, CoutLoot is a leading mobile first C2C(Consumer-to-Consumer) tech platform for fashion, also backed by Facebook! From celebs to your neighbour, everyone's listing outfits from their closet in under 30 seconds on the CoutLoot app, while buyers from all over India can own your branded style for upto 80% off! All of it, from the comfort of your couch! The world has moved from fast food to fast fashion...Give us a try, you might just fund your next vacation by selling fashion from your wardrobe! List. Earn. Chat. Loot.

India's largest people to people app for fashion. CoutLoot (backed by Facebook) is one of the fastest growing consumer tech Indian company

Domain:Ali-Cloud, Digital Ocean,AWS , MEAN Stack, PHP7, Go-Lang Algorithms,Data Structures and Data Mining,Android, iOS, UI-UX, Technical Documentation,Image Processing,Intelligent BOTS,Graphics Design, Motion Graphics

Place:Malad West

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