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    Growtopia Hack - Helping an apple fall from the tree with a fingertip (or a button this time) by way of introduction, this is a malicious homage to Isaac Newton for a work that constantly defies the laws of gravity ! And it is the blond hair of Kat that this forbidden fruit touches, thus leaving our heroine of its torpor. Hardly has time to regain her mind - she is amnesic anyway - that a poor man calls her to the rescue. A mysterious tornado threatens to swallow Hexa Ville, this floating city with the airs of old Europe, which begins to dislocate under the aspiration of the vortex ... The storm passed, Kat decides to restore order in this world Broken, and at the same time in his head, history to regain memory. As much as this entry in matter is simple, its presentation is refined. In parallel with the cinematic, the important dialogues take place in the form of a comic strip on several levels that it is possible to move slightly with the motion sensor, like the card in this remasterisation (the collection of illustrations bonus features In contrast to a more conventional interface).
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