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  1. last week

    We've all felt that empty feeling Acca Tipster as the river card hits and suddenly your Full House has been broken by two consecutive running cards. That empty feeling soon turns to frustration and then anger as you realise that not only has Lady Luck left your side, but she's gone and sat down in the lap of the guy sitting opposite you and started giving him the puppy-dog eyes. That's right, the guy who decided to throw all his chips into the middle with 8 4 offsuit, but has still managed to come out of things smelling of roses.

    Everybody's been through a bad beat and everyone knows how much it hurts, but that doesn't mean that they wants to hear your story. They don't. In fact nothing's more guaranteed to get up the nose of your fellow poker players than someone going into great detail about some bad beat they suffered the week before. Which is a shame really, as there's no doubting that if they'd only listen you'd be able to get it out of your system a bit quicker.


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