1. 4 months ago

    Verutum Rx Rx it was very fond of but um I don't have the time to describe it to you because it's too hilarious to do it you don't have time we totally have time we got two minutes okay are you ready knock down alright so this was actually done in Britain at a university Verutum Rx basically what they did was they designed a tool that would be used to measure women's sexual arousal so this thing could measure vaginal contractility Verutum Rx lubrication not surprisingly it looked like a dildo then they Verutum Rx found a bunch of women to volunteer for this test so they came into the laboratory whereupon said implements was inserted Verutum Rx then the experiment began so the first thing they did is they showed these women some boring stuff like CNN Verutum Rx as you can imagine not much happened then they showed some women something else they show them some pornography Verutum Rx you know there was a little bit more interesting action but you.


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